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Simply Framework

A tool allowing to structure, solidify your code in a WordPress environment.

Simply is not a framework that will lose you if you have been developing for some time on WordPress.

It will allow you to save development time by offering you dependency injection as well as the automation of recurring tasks on WordPress.


The framework follows several important points in order not to complicate the development:

  • do not modify the overall structure of WordPress
  • avoid adding a large overlay which would make plugin or theme development more complex
  • simplify added WordPress things with automated process (post type, taxonomy...)
  • use Object-oriented programming

This is why the framework was developed as a WordPress must use plugin

Development team

The framework was created by Clément Décou, who continues to lead the development.


Any help is appreciated. The project is open-source and i encourage you to participate. You can contribute to the project in multiple ways by:

  • Reporting a bug issue
  • Suggesting features
  • Sending a pull request
  • Add a star in GitHub
  • Following me on Twitter
  • Sharing the project around you


Read the installation guide